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We are open and ready to serve all your hearing & vision needs. Our office has been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and we have even done a few renovations. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Top Hearing Specialist In Harrisburg, PA

Dorothy Kardos - Central Pennsylvania Eye and EarCentral PA Eye & Ear proudly features digital hearing solutions from Starkey Labs, the only American owned and operated major hearing aid manufacturer. As a member of the Starkey Hearing Alliance, we can offer discounts up to 60% below the MSRP on Starkey hearing aids. Hearing aids are available for all hearing losses, lifestyle needs, and budgets.

Home-bound, assisted living, and nursing home patients are encouraged to call us to arrange for a home ear care visit .  If you are unable to get to our office we would be happy to come to you.

Financing is available through Care Credit for qualified patients. We also accept Visa and MasterCard.

Repairs and services are available on most hearing aids. This includes replacing battery doors, retubing earmolds,  reprogramming many hearing aids and routine cleanings. Our routine check-ups also include Video Otoscopy, which allows us & you to see the ear canal and eardrum - to see if your hearing problem may simply be due to earwax!

Sound Gear provides
amplification and hearing protection

SoundGear - Starkey

Other Hearing Specialist services available in Harrisburg include:

  • Earmolds for ear and hearing protection
  • Earplugs for swimming
  • Earplugs for sleeping (if you have noisy neighbors or a snoring spouse!)
  • Musicians earplugs
  • Musicians in-ear monitors
  • Earplugs for motorcycle riding
  • Broadcasters earmolds
  • Custom earmolds for personal listening devices such as iPods & Bluetooth headsets
  • Extended warranties for hearing aid service, loss and damage

We also stock a full range of hearing aid supplies, including

  • Batteries
  • Cleaning supplies such as Audiowipes, spray cleaner, cleaning tools, and wax guards
  • Hearing aid dryers, both passive (Super Dri-Aid) and electronic (Dry and Store)
  • Battery testers
  • Earigate earwax remover
  • Eargene and Miracell for ear canal cleansing and lubrication
  • Otoferm and Otoease for earmold insertion and retention
  • Earmold tubing
  • Sweatbands for BTE hearing aids

We feature the newest hearing aid technology to help our patients achieve the best possible hearing in all environments and listening situations, both in quiet and in noise. Dorothy Kardos is the first hearing aid dispenser in Central Pennsylvania trained and certified to fit Starkey’s newest technology and the revolutionary new SoundLens Invisible in-canal hearing aid. We offer both custom-made in the ear hearing aids and discreet, open fit thin tube hearing aids which are kept in stock at our office, all available in several levels of technology and price ranges.

Made for iPhone® Halo Hearing Aids by Starkey are engineered to work specifically with your iPhone, iPad®, iPod touch® and Apple Watch®. For more information, watch the video below or visit the Starkey website.

We suggest that whenever possible a loved one or significant other accompany you to both your initial appointment and your hearing aid fiting. Your hearing problem is also their hearing and communication problem and they can often provide valuable insight into your hearing needs.

For additional resources about hearing aids and hearing loss, visit the website of the Better Hearing Institute