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We are open and ready to serve all your hearing & vision needs. Our office has been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and we have even done a few renovations. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Chemistrie- Eyewear that Clicks

Transform your prescription eyewear into whatever you need!

  • polarized sunglasses
  • readers
  • 3D glasses
  • computer glasses

Just click the custom made magnetic lenses onto your existing frames.

Chemistrie Magnetic Clip Ons


How Can You Protect Yourself from Blue Light?

As the dangers of blue light from digital devices become more numerous, more and more options are becoming available to protect your eyes. Your eyes have a very limited natural ability to block out blue light radiation so we need to be more aware of exposure to blue light and how to minimize it.

Computer glasses with blue-blocking lenses, coatings and filters are a good solution for those working on a computer for long periods of time each day. You can also add anti-glare coatings with blue light protection to your regular eyeglass and sunglass lenses. Additionally, there are filters available for devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets, to reduce the amount of blue light radiation that can reach your eyes.